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Social Ice


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)--  For those of you missing your normal ice cold Minnesota Winters, you're in luck. Preparations for the 5th annual SocialICE are in full swing.

The ice bar and all the other ice creations for SocialICE are coming together in downtown Rochester.

The walk of ice features an ice bar, ice couch and ice sculptures down on the peace plaza.

There will be 21 different ice sculptures spread throughout downtown businesses. Along with the walk of ice, is the ice bar.  It's the largest outdoor ice bar in the upper Midwest.

Carver, Jim Bringas explains, "Once it's all said and done to see the reaction of the people and the interaction with the bars is just a lot of satisfaction."

The main bar is more than 80 feet long. There are also four additional satellite ice bars, so about 105 feet of ice total. SocialICE features the largest outdoor ice bar in the upper Midwest...with more than 200 feet of ice!

This year there will also be 8 satellite ice bars, each with a theme.

Due to our recent unseasonable warmth, construction was delayed a day and ice artists are busy getting ready for Thursday's opening.

Carver, Nick Lensing states, "We'll work as long as we have to, to get it done. (NAT) We've been working on some stuff for about to weeks so you know we can make some stuff and put it in the freezer and hold onto it for awhile."

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