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Two Stewartville women celebrate 100 years of life

STEWARTVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) -- When you hear stories of gas being 3-cents-a-gallon or getting a cup of sugar for a penny, they are normally just stories passed down from generation to generation.  

In Stewartville today two special birthday's were celebrated for two women who actually lived through it.  To put this into perspective, Theodore Roosevelt was in his first term as President of the United States when one of these women was born.  Both were around for Titanic's Maiden voyage and one of them was already in Elementary school at that time.  The list goes on and on, but this morning the community at the Stewartville Care Center as well as their large families gathered for a pretty special birthday party that you don't see hardly at all.

The statement age is just a number, couldn't be more true for these two young ladies.

"They tell me I'm 110. I think it's 9 today. I forget," says Ruth Andreasen

That puts Ruth's birth year at 1903, the same year that the wright brothers made their historic first.

The wizard of oz, does everybody remember the movie? That premiered in New York City in 1903.

But there wasn't just a birthday celebration of historic proportion for one. Make that two. Lucille Voeltz made it to the century mark.

What's it like being the youngster at your birthday party today?

"I think she's going to far," says Lucille Voeltz

"It's incredible, she's still kicking.  Up until 80s or 90s she's still walking around cooking, cleaning for great grandpa, taking care of the house. She's resilient, says great granddaughter Samantha Loza

One thing that has always been used to show how times have been changing is the price of gasoline throughout the years.

"$3.39 I think, and when I was a kid it was quarter, says Lucille's daughter Lois Voeltz-Esterrich

"5 gallons for a dollar," says Lucille

She's 9 years younger than you, do you have any advice for her, the things that you may have learned.

"Just behave yourself, mind your parents, That's what I had to do," says Ruth

At age 109, Ruth is no doubt one of the oldest living women in the state.

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