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Super Bowl Party Ideas

1. If you are going to have a Super Bowl party you must have a theme which will carry over to the decor, food and beverage!

2. Some additional ideas to keep your guests involved are a football pool and football trivia game. People love to win prizes so have plenty on hand!

3. FOOD: finger foods - nothing heavy - spread finger foods around the room - nonalcoholic drinks and healthy snack alternatives.


If the teams playing are not your favorite opt for a "Pot Luck Theme." Ask guests to wear gear sporting their favorite team and bring a food item that reflects their team - if you are a Saints fan (New Orleans) bring Gumbo, if you are a Packers fan (Wisconsin) bring Bratwurst, Bears fan (Chicago) bring deep dish pizza etc… You can decorate your home with various colors from the NFL teams - green, orange, red, blue - with this theme you have lots of flexibility for decor.


Since my husband is from New England and I am from the New York area we are hosting a "Competitive Theme" in our house - as if football isn't competitive enough! - We will serve New England clam chowder and Manhattan clam chowder (guests can decide which is better). We will also have lobster rolls and sausage with peppers and onions. Since both teams have the similar colors everything will be red and blue (with some silver and white). Upon arrival guests will have to choose which team they will root for and select a red or blue hat to wear from the duration of the game.


Have some fun with team locations.

For example, you could decorate with a New York City theme/skyline to represent the Giants...

Or host a Clam bake straight out of New England.


Decorate with vintage football memorabilia or blown-up posters of famous Super Bowl game scenes from past years.

Ask guests to wear jerseys that represent their favorite team or player. You might even make it a bit of a costume party, having the guests also dress appropriate to the era of their selected game. For example, if a guest is wearing a Terry Bradshaw jersey from Super Bowl-10 they might want to throw on a pair of bellbottoms and a headband.

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