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Bonding bill may bring work to Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn (KTTC)--  With the state legislative sessions underway, Governor Mark Dayton and State representatives have made it clear that job creation will be their top priority for 2012.

Bonding bills are meant to be passed bi-annually and in 2011 the state passed a one for nearly $600 million.

Some of the new bonding bill money would end up in Rochester, benefiting our local economy.

Executive Chef at Kahler Grand Hotel, Pasquale Presa says,"When I do that schedule and get people that have worked 25, 30 years here and are being told they're only working three days because we don't have business at the end of the kind of hurts us."

It's an ongoing issue and that's just what was being talked about in Rochester Thursday afternoon.

DFL Representative Tina Liebling states, "We build projects, we build infrastructure. We are also bringing jobs into the construction sector, and it's not just people who poor the concrete although they are very's the planners the architects."

Representatives Liebling and Norton utilized the Kahler Grand Hotel to campaign for a $775 million bonding bill.

Kim Norton (DFL) states, "This bonding bill is the infrastructure that this community needs and you that work in this room know that first hand."

$60 million of the $775 million would be delegated to civic center expansions.

If the bonding bill passes, representatives say work on the Mayo Civic Center will not only bring in jobs, it will bring in an added 30 to 40 million dollars in economic impact.

Kahler Grand hotel chef Phil Valenti states, "They want to come here because it's a nice town and everything is convenient. During the winter they have the subway system, they have all the other systems to go in and out of buildings. We don't have to be outside."

This could mean a lot more work for Pasquale and his employees.

Pasquale says it's important, "Making sure that everyone can work all week. We have bigger groups on the weekends, the hotels are filled, rooms are getting cleaned, people are coming to eat. We could add new things to Rochester."

Every aspect of this new bonding bill should be carefully examined before anything is brought to the house and senate.

Republican representative Duane Quam says the Mayo Civic Center has a chance of becoming a priority when the voting starts. As for the rest of the bill, the priorities and amount will likely change.

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