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Mild weather an added bonus for fisherman


Red Wing, Minn. (KTTC) -- 

Fishing on the open waters of the Mississippi in the month of January is nothing new, but normally you don't have the luxury of Spring-like temperatures in the first month of the year.  

Even during a mild Winter in the land of 10,000 all of the lakes are covered in ice.

WIth that said some parts of the Mighty Mississippi are left unfrozen in even the coldest of winters.

On a day like today with widespread temperatures in the 40s, fisherman got an extra push to take to the water.

Other than the bare trees this afternoon.

"On the nice days there gets to be a lot of people out here," said Jeremy Brookshaw

You wouldn't know it was Winter, and the warmer weather was definitely drawing bigger crowds to the water.

"First of all the weather brings the people out and there aint no snow basically people are coming because it's warmer and there aint no snow," said Jim Egelston of Everts Resort

"I usually like going when it's a little warmer like this, but 10 below I'd probably stay home," adds Brookshaw

January 31st, cabin fever not here. There's about a couple dozen boats on the water and everyone's catching fish this afternoon.

"The last day of January, how are you going to beat this, fishing in a sweatshirt," said Dennis Kruse

The fish were definitely biting.

They don't have any bones in them, just a cartilage line that runs down through the middle. They're really good smoked," said Dennis Kruse

"That's a spoonbill cat and they're protected up this way, this far north. That one was probably in the 30 pound range."

This type of weather doesn't always come around this time of the year.

"You can't beat it, it's open water and the fishing is fantastic," said Egelston

"Any time the ice goes out in the big point harbor there's 300 boats from here to Red Wing," said Dave Fossum

"You'll be able to feel the weight of the jig on the bottom, and then you try to manipulate the boat so you stay vertical on the top of your line," said Kruse

Here goes nothing.

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