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Students talking weather 900 miles away from each other

LEROY, Minn (KTTC) -- At LeRoy - Ostrander Public Schools, learning is reaching is new heights.

"He just kind of put out there is there any school that would be interested in connecting with a 5th grade class in Pittsburgh so it just kind of fell into my lap as far as the 5th grade," said Jill Soltau, a 5th grade teacher at Le Roy - Ostrander.

This is now the second time Mrs. Soltau's class has the opportunity to have a video class with an out of town school.

"It's kind of fun at the same time. You get to talk to other classes and other kids and see what they know and see what you know," said Sierra Lawson, a 5th grader at the school 

It's the fun the students are having that helps develop new skills.

"The research skills of course, relating it to things we are studying, relating it to things that are going on around them," said Soltau

And in this case, weather was the subject.

"A tornado can throw a piece of straw through solid wood or metal," said Montana Hensley, also a 5th grader

"One thing we found that was pretty cool was a lot of the Tornadoes usually form in the spring or fall.  They rarely form in summer or winter, but the ones in the spring are the ones that normally bring hail," said  5th grade student Owen Dietrich

"We were supposed to do this a week and a half ago and it was postponed because Pittsburgh's equipment was down and you would have thought I took their favorite toy away from them when I said we're not going to be able to do it. Are we still going to be able to do it?" said Soltau

The Pittsburgh kids had questions on how Minnesotans deal with the cold.   Little do they know how mild it has actually been here this Winter. Mrs. Soltau's 5th grade class is expecting to do more of these video conferences in the future.

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