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Slick sidewalks creating havoc


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Sidewalk patrol has stepped up since the beginning of the year and with the recent snowfall it's important to keep those walkways clear. 

At St. Marys Hospital one woman was being treated for a broken arm after falling on a icy sidewalk.  She relayed to KTTC that St. Marys staff members told her they are treating 20 other patients for the same reason.

It's a reminder to keep your sidewalk clear, not just for your benefit, but for everyone else's.  Besides, in Rochester, it's the law.

Public Works employees are now able to enforce the law this year.  The ordinance states that properties with sidewalks have 24 hours to have the sidewalk cleared after a snowfall.

Meantime, Rochester public works explains this is a complaint-driven system.  "Basically we go out there and verify the complaint is legitimate and this property in question hasn't cleared their sidewalks. And then we call the contractor to come and do the work," said Rochester Public Works employee Michael Scharonbroich.  The first offense is a twenty-dollar fine and more for repeat offenders.

But it's not just the fine.  An offender will be charged the cost of the clearing of the sidewalk through the city's contractor.

It's something to keep in mind, and it keeps the sidewalks safe.  If you have a complaint about your walking path, contact Rochester Public Works.

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