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Minnesota courts going paperless


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- It's being called the most comprehensive re-engineering effort yet undertaken by the Minnesota Judicial Branch. Minnesota is now requiring all of its courts go paperless.

The Judicial Council voted the decision through yesterday.

The eCourtMN Initiative will move state courts from a framework of paper files to an electronic information environment.

Over at Olmsted County District Court, administrator Chuck Kjos says in about 6 to 8 months the office will run out of floor space for files.

There's no specific time frame for the transition at Olmsted, but it could take 5 years or more for it to be completed.

Kjos says their number one concern is to keep a high level of security with documents, once paperless.

However, much of the redundancy with filing will be gone, making it easier to readily identify people, Kjos says "We do a number of retention projects. Those types of things but we can only throw away so much. When you go to the electronic format, what you see here would be minuscule at best."

Eventually, documents could be available in the court room through a computer that works like a kindle... It's called session-works.

Right now, it's in the exploratory stages in Dakota County, but could come to Olmsted.

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