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Winter blues? Plan a vacation

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Perhaps the frigid weather and chance of snow storms heading our way - have you dreaming of heading somewhere else. Local travel agents said their business is booming, after feeling the effects of the recession in past years.

Travel agents said people are becoming more and more adventurous in their travels. In fact, none of the top destinations are in the United States. The excitement of the holidays is past and with it can come the winter blues and that has travel agencies busy.

"It seems like people are wanting to venture out a little bit. They've got the passports cause they've had them for a while and they want to use them," said Marcy Jacobson, with Adler's Rochester  Travel.

 Jacobson said many people are heading out of the U.S.

"Cancun, Carmen, Caza De Mal. On the pacific side we've had Puerta Vallarta and than also big this year is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic."

The newest "hot" destination is Panama, but some people have other adventures in mind.

"I'd say I'd go to Hawaii, just to relax," said Samantha Baumann.

"Interested in checking out a world wide organization for organic farming. You go and live with a host family for a year, in literally any country across the globe, this program is huge. You learn how to do organic farming while at the same time soaking up the culture of another place," stated Sean Lundberg.

With more than 30,000 price changes in just one day on flights, Marcy said it's not always easy to find a deal. However, she offers one simple tip, and that is to plan ahead.

"The airlines require more notice now than less notice. So those that are thinking, Oh I'm going to wait until a week before to get a hot deal, not so much anymore," said Jacobson.

So take the time to research your vacation destination, plan ahead and enjoy a relaxing carefree trip. Frommer's has picked its number one travel destination in the world and you won't need a passport to get there. The honor goes to Sannibel Island, a small island on Florida's gulf coast.

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