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As cold weather returns, people heading to the lakes


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- The days of 50 degrees are over and Minnesota is showing us her true winter colors.  Outdoors men and women have been waiting for temperatures like this to take advantage of what Minnesota has to offer this time of year.

Both sunshine and wind chills will approach -15, ice fishing is in its prime time

"We're just looking for signs for anything biting. We're just kind of going for some big northern's with a big sucker minnow," says Sean Wood while fishing on Silver Lake Reservoir.

You have to go out in frigid weather, drill your hole and work for the fish.

That challenge is one of the reasons why he doesn't miss his former home, Florida too much, trading 70 degrees for this.

"I like to see the changes in the weather you know fall, the spring, down there is just hot," said Wood.

"It's just relaxing, you can just sit here all day and just watch your bobber or you can jig, it's just fun. You can talk or shoot the wind a little bit and hopefully take home dinner if you're lucky," adds Andrew Duncomb.

With how cold and with how windy it is outside, it pays off to be sitting warm in one of these.

"If you told me go sit out on the ice and ice fish, I don't think I'd do it, but as long as we're in the house and I can get away from it and I'm in the heat I'll fish all day," says Jess Kroke.

Jess was using her time wisely before she had to go to class.

"You can sit at home on the couch and watch T. V or you can sit on the ice and try to fish or something. I'd rather go outside freezing your butt off than inside," Kroke adds.

And I even got to give it a go.

"Patience, patience is the key," explains Kroke.

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