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Honoring Dr. King in a different way

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- In Rochester Monday, members of habitat for humanity were honoring Dr. King in another way.  Instead of taking the day off, volunteers gave back to help a family in need.

One local family's house wasn't in the best shape so habitat for humanity stepped in months ago to help give their home a make over. Remodeling is still going on, but for one day it took on a whole new meaning.

On a day when many people have off, these volunteers were hard at work.

"It's just kind of the life of an Americore, we volunteer for a year so it's just another day we get to help other people that we don't get to help every other day," said volunteer Megan Grebe

They are working to refurbish a house that prior to this work was in terrible condition.

"We are hanging sheet rock or drywall or wall board, it's called different things by different people and it's the wall itself that will be painted eventually so we cut and fit and screw it to the studs and screw it into the ceiling joints," said construction manager Brian Wimmer

It's no coincidence that these volunteers gathered today, they were working in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

"His idea was a colorblind America I think and colorblind meaning we look at each other as individuals and no more no less. Regardless of where we grow up where are origins are from who we are, where we live we're people all the same," Wimmer said

The family that lives in the house has had the opportunity to be on tap throughout the entire project.

"I appreciate all the volunteers who's coming to my house to help and I'm so happy," said Hussein Mohamed who lives in the house.

"This is very helpful, even though everybody's supposed to be chilling right now they're over here helping it's a good thing," said Ahmed Adil, also living in the house

Once their house is completed  Hussein and Ahmed hope to return the favor to the community.

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