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Mild winter saving you some money


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- While many businesses who rely on snow are loosing money because of mild days, homeowners are actually saving some.

Temperatures throughout the entire state of Minnesota have been running about 15-20 percent above normal so far through late fall and now through the winter.  That has obviously led to a lower usage of natural gas to keep homes business warm.  Minnesota Energy Resources calculates that on average approximately 60 dollars a month is being saved on heating costs, now that does depend on what you set your thermostat to, but still mother nature is contributing to lower heating bills.

"It's a two sided factor, people are using less so when you have warmer weather you are going to burn less so your bill will be down, number two we have a good supply of natural gas so the price wont spike or raise at high demand time. That's the second part of the equation. It will help," says Rory Lenton of Minnesota Energy Resources

So what happens if we finish the winter well below average?

Well since the demand has been so low, the supply of gas has been able to build up.

Since that is the case even if the winter turns extremely cold, they still project savings on your bill to be around 10-15 percent.

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