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Community grieves Shawn Schneider


Saturday friends, family and fellow members in blue gathered, as Lake CIty Officer Shawn Schneider was laid to rest.

It's been nothing short of an emotional journey for the members of Lake City and surrounding communities.

Over 2,000 members of law enforcement attended today's service, but what was so touching to see were the streets of Lake City.

Thousands packed the side-walks along-side the precession, honoring a fallen hero.

Rollin Hall, mayor of Wabasha county says, "It's incredible, the people that it has brought out today that are standing on the streets and have been waiting for an hour or more. just to see this and pay their tribute"

Shawn Schneider wasn't just an officer...he was a husband, a father and a friend to so many.

Lake City resident, Deirdre says, "You live in this small community and you have a sense of belonging and so you feel much more of the loss than you would in a big community"

Thousands of officers from around the state turned out in support of the Schneider family...but that was only where the support began.

Shoulder to shoulder stood thousands lining the procession route Saturday. Fewer tears as his body was carried about 4 miles through Lake City. People stood proud for him, remembering his legacy. Instead of weeping... a quiet stillness....

Lake City Resident, Dick Kronebusch explains, "The officers throughout the state of Minnesota and throughout the country, go through an awful lot everyday and I think the people are thankful for that."

It was nearly three weeks ago when officer Schneider gave his life to protect another. For days people prayed and waited but in the end he gave his life on that day the community will not soon forget. December 19th 2011... then Passing away December 30.

Dreidre states, "It's a tremendous sacrifice for anybody to make and he really is truly a hero."

It has been a journey for his family, friends and surrounding communities, but Saturday the community embraced the man who helped them realize what being a community really is.

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