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Officer Shawn Schneider Laid to Rest


LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC)- Thousands of law enforcement officials from across the state and surrounding states filled Lake City to honor one of their own as Lake City police officer Shawn Schneider was laid to rest Saturday afternoon.

"He went to work one day, on a Monday morning, and he didn't come home, and it's just tragic," explains Kevin Torgerson, a member of the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office. "Not just for the small agency of 10 or 12 officers, but this small community has just been torn apart by this tragedy."

Over 2,000 law enforcement officers from 5 states brought together to honor a fallen comrade and to support his wife and three young children.

"The biggest thing is that they're always a part of the law enforcement family, they will never be forgotten by us," says Torgerson. "We'll always be ready to help them at any turn."

Surrounded by those who loved him, knew him, and those who wished to pay tribute to him, one word was used to describe Shawn Schneider: Hero.

"Is he a hero? Absolutely, there's no question. You don't lay your life on the line for people you don't know for nothing. It takes incredible courage and incredible strength to do that, so there's no question."

A hero. He will be remembered as such forever.

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