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Facts help to explain the Wykoff fire department confusion


WYKOFF, Minn. (KTTC)--  On Tuesday we first told you about a Wykoff fire that destroyed one families home - and that it took the fire department there nearly 15 minutes to make it to the house that was only 5 blocks from the station.

The question remains...why did it take so long?

The original call came in Monday at 2:36 p.m., that's when the victims told Fillmore County dispatch that their basement was on fire and verified their address for the dispatcher on duty.

Within the same minute dispatch made a page to Wykoff fire department workers, relaying the emergency and address of the fire.

In total two pages were made and the dispatcher made clear of the address three times.

Wykoff is a volunteer fire department so it takes them a little longer gather, but in this case they were in route within 5 minutes of the page. However, three minutes later they realized they were headed towards the wrong road.

Responders had the correct information but there was confusion because the address of that particular house is not reflected on the emergency response mapping system put together by a Global Information team.

 So that leaves many asking why?

When Fillmore county signed and mapped the city every dwelling was assigned a number for the efficiency of emergency officials.

It's the city's responsibility to notify the county of street additions.

Fillmore County and cities within the county will be working with Global Information Systems to make sure every residence is accounted for.

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