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From Rushford to Winona with lSMU hockey assist


WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Moving out of a house and into a new one can be a huge burden.  But that wasn't the case for a Rushford woman, thanks to the help of 28 Saint Mary's University Hockey teammates.

Judi Becker was displaced from her home during the Rushford flood in 2007. She had been renting a place to live in Rushford until recently when she found a house in Winona.  In planning the move, one of the members of the Saint Mary's University Hockey team stepped forward and offered a helping hand for his college instructor.

Becker was surprised at the number of players who came to help, saying "I couldn't believe they just kept coming out of the cars. More and more and more of them."

SMU Hockey Coach, Bill Moore, explained, "This is what we do and if we can get an opportunity to give back to some of the professors that help us out, it's great. It's a good team chemistry thing too, good team bonding."

"We're grateful for all that Rushford taught us about life and about ourselves," said Becker. "And we are thrilled to be here in Winona."

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