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Bird-watchers take part in Whitewater Bird Count

ALTURA, Minn. (KTTC) -- Sunday marked a traction at Whitewater State Park as volunteers were taking part in the annual Whitewater River Valley Christmas Bird Count.

Volunteers around the region headed to Whitewater to see how many different birds they could find.

"It's not necessarily to look for unusual species," says bird-watcher Steve Sherwood. "But we always find some. But it's just to take a census of what's here this time of year."

It's a way for Whitewater State Park to take a small sampling of the birds that will be staying in the area this winter.

Bird-watcher Joyce Grier, drove around in her vehicle looking for any birds she could find as the weather wasn't helping very much. "The wind in particular has made the birds stay down and shelter and not moving around as much," said Grier. "So it's made the count more difficult."

Last years bird numbers totaled 1,894 individual birds made up of 39 different species.

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