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Area golfers take advantage of mild weather


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- If it was July and wind gusts were reaching more than 40-miles-an-hour... you may not have seen as many golfers on the greens like Monday afternoon.

Golfers were taking advantage of the mild weather. "Everyone's just happy to be out, says Oak Summit Golf Course owner Leon DeCook. "They're happy to work off their Christmas dinner I suppose."

The greens were open, the grounds were frozen, and the golfers were fighting the wind.

"It's an opportunity to get out and at least swing the club," said Bob Brengmen. "And yea the wind is playing havoc with the game. You can't get too concerned with your score, but we're having fun."

"It's a little tough to stick the greens, it's a little tough to get your tee in the ground," said Todd Davis.   "I got a new driver for Christmas so I'm out here trying it out."

For Rodney and Rod Tanner, they took the day as some much needed father-son bonding time because Rodney is on Military leave.

"I'm home golfing. I haven't golfed with my father since August when I left," said Rodney.  His father enjoyed his afternoon with his son. "This is very special and important because he's got a very important job now and we won't see him very often," said Rod.  "And he won't have leave again to come back home for probably another year. So we take advantage of every opportunity."

Without snow, DeCook will leave the course open as long as he can.  He said,"Who knows? Maybe we'll have a day or two after New Year's when we can do it again."

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