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Holiday travel in Rochester


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- Not only is the holiday rush on at local stores, but airports, train stations and area roadways are also experiencing an increase in traffic, as people head home for the holidays. Triple AAA is expecting year-end holiday travel to be the second highest in the past decade.

Holidays and the beginning of summer generally mean a sudden spike in gas prices and this year is no different.

Yesterday prices were around $3, jumping over night and today many places are averaging $3.19 per gallon.

T' was merely days before Christmas and what did we see, but travelers traveling home to see you and see me.

Tammy Bauer is traveling this weekend, "I just flew in from Phoenix. I moved down to Scottsdale four to five months ago. I'm back home to be with the family for Christmas."

For one cheery couple from the east coast, I'll let them tell you what they're looking forward to most.

"I guess we'll be getting on a tiny plane to Minneapolis and than a huge plan to New York City, hopping in a cab and going back to our apartment," says Leslie Ruckman.

A new home awaits them when back to Rochester they come, a new adventure, oh what fun.

Others this holiday are moving down south, to say "Merry Christmas" by word of mouth.

Troy and Carey Angell say "We came from Sparta Wisconsin, going back to Oklahoma."

No matter where you go this holiday, people will be traveling every which way.

In total this holiday season AAA is forecasting more than 83 million people will take to the nation's roadways.


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