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Lake City holds candlelight vigil for Officer Shawn Schneider


LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC) -- Wednesday night, hundreds gathered at Patton Park in Lake City.

A candlelight vigil was held to give support and prayers to Officer Shawn Schneider, still in critical condition at St. Marys Hospital.

Officer Schneider suffered a gunshot wound to his head while on duty Monday.

After many were not able to attend the vigil at St. Marys, some residents decided to hold one in Lake City.

"It's beautiful. It literally gives me goose bumps that the idea just came to mind less than 24 hours ago and to see hundreds of people here already..." Co-organizer Kailey Wacker said.

People held candles, prayed, and sang songs.

One poster read, "Officer Down... We will pray until he gets back up."

"Grew up across the street from him and his family and seeing his little kids running around the yard...," Nicole Shell recalled.

Wacker went on to say, "It's one of our family members from town, as we're a close-knit town, so it affects us all."

Just as the candlelight vigil began, snow started to fall from the sky.

"Kind of feel like there are angels watching over us now that it's starting to snow," Wacker said.  

Also at the vigil, people took donations for Officer Schneider's family.

A fund has been set up through the Alliance Bank in Lake City to help the family with expenses.


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