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Lake City resident reacts to scarring standoff

LAKE CITY, Minn. (KTTC) -- In a small town known for it's banks along the Mississippi River, residents are recouping after a nine hour standoff that rippled the waters of Lake City.

Owner of a local restaurant Doug Wallerich is keeping his thoughts with the family of Office Shawn Schneider. "I've got a little kindergarten-er and he has two," said Wallerich. "Coincidentally we meet at the door... dropping kids off. He wasn't there yesterday (Monday) and I found out he took a shift. "

And while the situation was heating up, Wallerich was glad the schools were issued to lockdown. "For a parent that's at work all day long and can't get away... to know that you kids are locked in and that they're safe... it's very comforting," said Wallerich.

Now as the waters begin to settle, Lake City residents remain hopeful. Wallerich says, "we're right back in business today (Tuesday) with the community and it's all about Shawn now. "

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