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21-Point buck shot stolen from breeder's pen


HOUSTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- An investigation is underway to find who shot and killed a 21-point buck that was inside of a deer breeder's pen.  On December 8th at a deer breeding stock facility near the town of Houston. The owner went out to feed his prized 21-point buck.  But it was gone.

"A lot of hard work goes into this. It's a lot of fun in its enjoyment but this takes the fun out of," explained the owner of the deer, who wishes to remain anonymous.

"When I found out about it, I thought the animal just got into a different pen. But then once I found out they were out and that someone actually killed my animal, the first thing I thought of is that they had to of cut the fence," said the victim.

The deer was shot with a bow and arrow in the early morning. But that's not what upset the owner the most.

The victim explained "the most unfortunate with this thing is that this is my brother's home and it was violated. And you cannot put a price on feeling secure in your own home once that's been violated by a person such as this that doesn't understand."

Because of the genetics this deer possessed, it took numerous years to grow him into the trophy buck it became.

"And now I've got that taken away plus the animals that I've lost beyond him," says the victim. "It's really sad to think that this isn't going to set me back in a way that I might not be able to keep going."

The 21-point buck scored over the 212 Boone And Crockett mark. According to the Houston County Sheriff's department the investigation disclosed the culprit may have been a 19-year old male from Rushford.

"It's still pending investigation," says Sheriff Doug Ely. "But we believe that we have most the information we need."

After the buck was killed the hole that was left in the fence let 14 other deer escape, 12 of them have been captured.

"The other two deer are tagged and have receivers in them, says Ely. "So if somebody does see them or can help out that would be great. We're not asking anyone to go out and look for deer."

The 19 year old has not been formally charged.  Some say the he had posted the photos of the buck he shot to his Facebook page.

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