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Sommerfield, SPC 5 Robert R.

Robert R. Sommerfield

Branch of Service: US Army (April 23, 1969 - Nov. 25, 1970)

Rank: SPC 5

Hometown: Bobby is the son of the late Carl and Fern Sommerfield and grew up of the family farm in rural Lake City.  Bobby graduated from Lake City HS.

SPC 5 Bobby Sommerfield completed his Basic and Advanced training as an expert marksman with the M-16 auto rifle , M-14 rifle and M-60 Caliber Machine gun. 

With his brother Allen already over in Vietnam, Bobby received orders to serve in Korea with the 2nd Infantry Division, 8th Army. 

The 2nd Infantry Division was called upon to help halt the North Koreans increased border incursions and infiltration attempts along the DMZ. 

Many American soldiers lost their lives in these attacks during the Vietnam War, Bobby served 13 months and 13 days in Korea where the North Koreans continued to probe the DMZ during his tour. As we all should know tensions continue in this area today. 

Bobby and his wife Nancy survived the recent flood in Zumbro Falls and after endless hours of work they will continue to make there home there.

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