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Author releases book on Rushford flood


RUSHFORD, Minn. (KTTC) -- It's been over four years since the torrential floods that hit our region.  

And now an author in Rushford has just released a book reliving the memories of that night through the eyes of the Rushford Fire Department.

Bonnie Flaig Prinson's Book, "Brother's in the Water" was released over the weekend and sold roughly three hundred copies.  Prinson, a resident of Rushford, relived the memories through a series of interviews with the Fireman who were called to duty on August 18, 2007.

But this book wasn't all Bonnie's doing.

"They had a lot of encouragement from citizens and family members that wanted them to tell their story and make it public," said Prinson. "And they finally after four years decided they were ready to do that."

Bonnie Prinson explained the completion of the book wasn't a simple task.

"It was hard for them (firemen) to talk about the flood, that was really obvious to me from the beginning," said Prinson. "So I was touched that they trusted me to do that for them."

Prinson said the interviews were never meant to be turned into a book, instead just be something to look at 50 years down the road, but felt honored when they had asked her to write the book.

The books are selling for $15 each and proceeds will benefit the Rushford Fire Relief Association.

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