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Wabasha County Board to discuss more subcommittees

WABASHA, Minn (KTTC) -- Heated discussions have recently been the biggest element at Wabasha County Board Meeting regarding the future employment of County Administrator Dave Johnson.  But the meeting Thursday afternoon took on a slightly calmer tone.

Wabasha County Commissioner Merl Norman explained "as long as the economy is rotten, this is going to have to be something that is dealt with.... on an ongoing basis."

'This' is referring to County Administrator Dave Johnson's position.  Commissioner Deb Roschen chaired the meeting and presented a folder full of research. Which appeared to be too much information for the time allotted.

"We all come back on the 20th with some foundation, so that we can kind of say 'Hey I see a few subcommittees that really need to function here," said Roschen.

These subcommittees could possibly be made up of county employees or the public to try to find a resolution for a strategic planning process. Which is exactly what some people have been waiting for.

Sitting among audience, the floor was open to public comments or questions when Tom Dwelle approached the bench. "It's been mentioned a couple of times here and I'm glad it's heading that direction to get all of the stakeholders involved.," said Dwelle. "Get all of the knowledge of your county staff and employees involved. And I think you're going to come out with a much better process for planning."

It may not be perfect, but the board seems to be on a more specific track.

"I think we made a lot of progress today and I felt a lot of unity that I probably haven't felt for four weeks or more," said Roschen

"I'm not quite sure what has happened or how it's happening. Seemed to be in kind of limbo right now with the position," said Johnson.

At the County Board Meeting at 5 p.m. Commissioner Norman explained the issue will continue to be addressed on the scheduled Dec. 15 meeting.

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