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Trial prolonged in 2008 Geike assault

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- One of the men accused of assaulting a former RCTC football player in 2008, was in court today, but the trial is once again prolonged.

Joe Geike was beaten in a parking lot in Northwest Rochester after a disagreement over a missing cell phone.

The assault left Geike with traumatic brain injuries. The injuries affect how Geike uses the left side of his body, his speech is slow, he is blind in his right eye and Geike's short-term memory has been impaired.

Howard Risher, a former RCTC football player and teammate of Geike, pleaded guilty to the assault in 2010 and has been sentenced.

Thursday was the pre-trial for suspect number two. Ricardo Thornton, also a former teammate, pleaded not guilty last year. Originally Thornton's jury trial was supposed to take place in the next 5 to 8 days. However, Thursday the judge ruled that the case be taken off of the trial calendar for now.

Prosecution and defense attorneys in Thornton's trail requested a further date because they say it will be to difficult to gather the witnesses in time. Most of the witnesses are from out of state, or have been difficult for the attorney's to find.

Thorton's trial is predicted to be set approximately 1 month from now.

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