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U.S.P.S. no more 1-day delivery


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Sending a letter overnight through the U.S. Postal service will become a thing of the past.  The United States Postal Service explained that anything that was to be shipped and received in one to three business days will now be more like two to five.

It's just another way the USPS is making changes to save nearly 2-billion dollars and avoid a foreseeable spring bankruptcy.  In an announcement Monday, the Vice President of the Postal Service explained a change of plans.  "We're going to modify the overnight first class mail standard," says David Williams. "Mail that is dropped in a blue collection box will no longer receive overnight service standard"

Williams explained that eliminating the overnight guarantee will cut two billion dollars from operating costs.

"The challenge now is about the challenge of growth... it's a challenge of staying ahead of the cost curve," Williams said.

Overnight delivery isn't the only issue being disputed.

So is the possible shutdown of half of nearly 500 mail processing centers in the U.S.  This, in turn, would eliminate 28,000 jobs, and a possible 48 at Rochester's distribution center.

"All I know is that we're just studying," says Randy Lindman, Officer in Charge of Rochester Postal Service. Lindman is looking into the process of  "whether or not this is feasible for us to consolidate the operations from here (Rochester) into St. Paul and really the impact it is going to have on anybody."

The committee met a few weeks ago, and the status remains unchanged.

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