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Suspect arrested after high-speed chase, standoff


ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Rochester police have arrested a man after a two-hour standoff on North Broadway.

The suspect was in his girlfriend's apartment above Infinity Tattoos on the 1000 block of North Broadway.

Officers say the man ran in there after a short high-speed chase, which started around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The high speed chase started after officers tried to arrest the suspect, on several outstanding warrants, including one for allegedly starting his ex-girlfriend's car on fire Wednesday morning.

Witnesses tell the NewsCenter that he was under the influence of drugs and may have been armed in the apartment. 

Police outside were also armed, and had tenants text the suspects girlfriend at work.  She was not in the apartment.  They also talked with other residents to see if they may be able to approach the man.

Captain Brian Winters, says the officers took the necessary time, establishing a perimeter and following protocol,  "It's our intended desire to arrest this individual, but we're not going to do it at the risk of injury to ourselves, or injury to the officer or officers, the public or the individual."

After about an hour police were able to make contact with the suspect and have him come out.

Sergeant Tom Faudskar, of the Rochester Police Department says, "We negotiated with the subject through the door to facilitate him coming out, it's a situation where we operate as safely as possible. We surround the apartment, we remove the people in the other apartments adjacent to his and made contact with him and have him come out."

Officers have asked us not to identify the suspect, pending the file of charges. The suspect was taken to the Adult Detention Center.

Look for updates on and on the NewsCenter at Five.


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