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Lewiston bowling alley opens


LEWISTON, Minn. (FOX 47)-- It's been a long time coming, but a new bowling alley is up and running in Lewiston. After L. A. Lanes went out of business the building sat empty for a year and a half.

The place re-opened under new owners and a new name, "Glover's Spare Time," in the end of October.

It's been a labor of love, getting things back in tip-top shape, but it is a dream come true for Kent and Dawn Glover.

There's a science to the art of bowling, the speed, direction, weight, but there's also risk, Something Dawn and Kent Glover can attest to.

"It was tear everything up, replace just about everything, and we're still finding little things that need to be tweaked here and there," says Dawn.

It's a trip down memory lane for the couple who enjoy bowling themselves.

Kent says, "My favorite part of bowling? that's definitely throwing the strikes. but I named my place spare time, so you know how I throw my ball."

The couple is from St. Charles, but saw a growing need for entertainment in Lewiston.

"As you can see, the kids are really enjoying themselves and I'd like to have a safe place for them to visit and enjoy themselves," says Kent.

The best part about bowling? Any age can do it at any skill level. Dusty Knutson spends his spare time bowling, "I love bowling so I'm very excited this has opened."

Spending time laughing and messing around, but Dusty's favorite part? Taking the shot, and seeing what happens. The same could be said for the Glovers.

The kitchen will be inspected tomorrow and should be ready for Saturday when Glover's Spare Time is holding the "Brooke Kessler Memorial Bowling tournament."

You can stop by either this weekend or next. All proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House.

It costs $3 to bowl, and $1 for shoes.

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