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Families gear up for kindergarten, next year

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Parents and children are already gearing up for their first year of school next year.Choosing the perfect fit for your child isn't always as easy as ABC.

Although there are 16 elementary schools in town, only two of them offer all day, every day kindergarten programs.Many parents say they wish more programs were all-day, because getting kids to and from daycare, can add extra headaches.

Anticipation is a part of life. For hundreds of parents who attended the kindergarten round-up, that's just one way to describe their emotions, as their little ones gear up for school.

"We're very excited to find a good school for Eve," said Jack Peronne.

There are 16 public elementary schools in Rochester.

"Most of our programs right now in Rochester Public schools are half-day. We do have two schools, Riverside and Longfellow, that are all day kindergarten right now," said Peggy O'Toole-Martin, Early Childhood Family Services, Manager.

Jack Peronne and his wife, spent the evening learning about schools in their neighborhood, but also other "choice" schools around town.

"A choice school is that you could chose to go to a school outside of your neighborhood," explained O'Toole-Martin.

Finding a perfect fit, for Eve, is what the Peronnes are looking for. Jack said her happiness is key, but the family also has other requirements, including small class sizes that are offered all-day.

"First of all we'd like to get all-day kindergarten, because both of us work and it's going to be a little tougher to arrange our schedules," said Peronne.

While it's still up in the air as to where Eve will go to school next Fall, she's already memorizing her ABC's and 123's.

"Reading to her every night now, getting her prepaired for school and we're trying to get her to get the alphabet down again," explained Peronne.

Positioning the building blocks, to a lifetime of learning.

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