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Updated FEMA maps on Austin's flood zones

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) -- In 2004 and again in 2008, Austin experienced record flooding that covered parts of the city. Wednesday evening residents of Mower County had a chance to learn more about the risk of flooding in their own back yard.

It's just one of homeowners worst nightmares, having their home flood. The main concern, just who does and who doesn't need flood insurance? If you're a homeowner with a mortgage and live in a flood plain, you have to purchase flood insurance.

At the event residents' were able to look at preliminary FEMA maps, showing updated flood plains in Mower County. The maps are based on new elevation data. Homeowners are able to look at a virtual map and potentially predict if their property will ever be flooded by a 100 year or even 500 year flood.

 According to FEMA often times people think homeowners insurance covers flooding, but that isn't the case.  Just because you may not be in a flood zone, even storms, melting snow and hurricanes can cause flooding.  If you're looking to purchase flood insurance, you can do so at any private company.


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