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First snow of the season for some


Fredricksburg, Iowa (KTTC) -- The first snow for some was not significant by any means, but it was enough to slow down the construction of this home in Fredricksburg, Iowa.  The hope was to install the rafters this afternoon, but mother nature said no to that.   Instead, the snow needed to be cleared off so that work could resume.

It's going to get cold tonight and any of this snow that's left on the lumber will create ice for ice us and then we wont be able to use the lumber until the ice is gone off of it tomorrow, so I'm trying to get ahead of that today. If there's ice in between two boards when you want to nail them together, then obviously when that melts the boards are loose and that's what we don't want," said Mark Rhea who is constructing the house.

If the boards are not frozen together tomorrow morning, construction of the house will resume.

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