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Unique way to send message about drug abuse


DODGE CENTER, Minn. (KTTC) --  A different kind of motivational speaker was in the area Wednesday to talk about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.  Goldy Locks is a singer/songwriter using her talents combined with a strong message to stay drug free.   She started in hayfield where she performed for grades 4-7, then made the 9 mile trip to Dodge Center to give that same message to the Triton School district.   It's never to early to early to start teaching kids the dangers of drugs, alcohol and violence.

Singer/Songwriter "Goldy Locks" says "It's kind of like being on a roll in the best video game you ever played, You're winning and you're winning and you're winning, That's what self confidence is all about,"

It's what the D.A.R.E program is all about.

"What it does is allows officers to come into the community schools and speak with the kids about drugs, violence, and prevention methods," says Dodge County Deputy Shannon Boerner

She goes by the name of Goldy Locks and her and her band travel across the country conveying the message to kids to stay drug free.

"A lot of kids, a lot of students that start experimenting with drugs and alcohol, something usually is triggering that, something at home, something at school, something their afraid of, so again the message is turn your fear into fuel and then we talk about some ways that they can do that," says "Goldy Locks"

We all know kids can be hard to entertain sometimes, and she knows that. That is why she incorporated her love for music with the message she is trying to get across.  "Goldy Locks" adds "Just being able to use music to be able to soften the blow or just do something interesting, it totally changes the mood every time."  If it looked like you were falling asleep,  she will give you your own personal concert to wake you back up

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