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Groundbreaking for the new Lourdes High School


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- It's been quite the process - raising money for the new Lourdes High School, but Tuesday was the official groundbreaking.

Despite the challenging economy, over $13 million has been raised by over 1,500 contributors. The 24 acre plot of land that has been designates as the new ground of Lourdes High School is at 1710 Industrial Drive NW.

Director of schools, Michael Brennan said, "This is literally the fulfillment of the hard work and dreams and visions of thousands of people. It's been truly a community effort that's been going on for some time."

The process to get started has taken four years. The plan is to make the best possible environment for the 525 students at Lourdes High School. Bishop Quinn said they will be concentrating on the latest technology and, "We are going to be updating the laboratories so that our students can get the best learning available, get them ready for college."

Bishop Quinn and others feel the new building is not only great for the future of students, but it is a  sign of faith. Quinn commented, "It's a sign of commitment, that our Catholic schools are needed and that parents want to send their children. We have a bright future ahead of us."

The new Lourdes High School will be opening it's doors in September of 2013.

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