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Working to save lives

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Assembly lines were formed in the back room of Bethel Lutheran church in southeast Rochester Saturday. Nearly 600 volunteers showed up to help in the fifth annual Food For Kidz event. Food for Kidz is put on as a nationwide program to save lives of starving and undernourished children.

Lead volunteer David Turner said, "Our goal this year, a hundred-thousand of our meals are towards a one-million meal goal that will be going to Somalia. Ten percent of the meals we make here today will stay at a local food shelter."

The volunteers ranged from three to eighty years-old. Each playing an important role in the process. Doctors and nutritionists come up with the exact rations in each bag.

Organizer Roger Holm talked about what each package consisted of, "Ground soybeans for protein, then it's got six vegetables and 21 minerals and vitamins. Then rice for filler."

Holm also commented on the miracle that each bag contains, "I've seen kids that were laying on the street with a fly running around them and just dying. It took six months of this ration and that kids face was filled out and running around playing and happy. It cost about 30 dollars to save that life."

Volunteers were full of energy, ready to work and happy to be helping those less fortune. Child volunteer, Kendra Stevens commented, "I'm just happy to be here helping kids around the world."







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