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Stewartville Field Fire Threatens Homes

STEWARTVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) -- The first couple of raindrops in almost 2 weeks fell in some places Monday evening.  The rain has been needed badly across much of the area this summer. Last Friday a large field fire erupted and threatened some houses.  The fire traveled nearly 10,000 feet.

"I thought I was never going to see my home again,"  said Ed Wendt

70 more feet, Ed and Jeanette Wendt would no longer have a home.

Wendt adds, "She looked out the window and said, look at the dust down there. I turned around and I looked, dust, that's smoke."

The Wendts built this house back in 1962. Since then, no disaster had forced them to leave their home, until Friday.

"Went over to the next door neighbors and sat in the car, waited to see how bad it got.," said Wendt

Two houses, The Wendts included, had to be evacuated late Friday afternoon. With Flames topping the power lines across the street, they took no chances.

"You don't think of anything, I even forgot my billfold I had some money in there, I had just been to the bank, put some cash in my billfold and I forgot that, left it laying on the nightstand,"  added Wendt

Farmers used their tractors to plow down the standing corn to create a fire break, giving firefighters an upper hand, a move that ultimately saved homes and the spread of this blaze.

Next year, Ed and Jeanette will be celebrating 50 years of marriage. They're just happy all of their tangible memories are still there.

"It's mind boggling actually, if you think about it, it really is to watch 50 years of your household things and pictures, everything go up, and we're probably not young enough to rebuild it like we did 50 years ago together,"  said Jeanette Wendt

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