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Almost Home

Dulles International Airport, Washington D.C., Saturday, October 8th:

We have the longest leg of the journey home now behind us! Our flight between Addis Ababa and Washington D.C. was 17 hours with a stop for refueling in Rome. Bereket was as much of a trooper as a 16-month-old (who is cutting a tooth) can be and we got lots of good bonding time in the sky! In fact, she got a wonderful case of the giggles for the last 45 minutes of the flight and couldn't stop! I think she delighted everyone within 3 aisles of us! When we arrived in D.C., we handed in all of Bereket's paperwork to immigration officials and as soon as this blog is entered into the computer, we'll be in search of a proper meal! We should be in Minneapolis shortly after 4 this afternoon and then comes the next big challenge: the car seat! Bereket will not understand why she can't ride around on my lap like she did in Ethiopia. I can hear her little cries already!

Our final two days in Ethiopia were all about getting to know each other. We took an Ethiopian cooking class at our guest house and I got a lesson in braiding Bereket's little curls. Friday morning, we took a little family field trip to visit a clinic for pregnant women and young children that our adoption agency supports. The clinic was crowded but it was wonderful to see so many families able to get quality care for whatever they can afford to pay. It made me feel really good about the work our agency is doing in Ethiopia. We also took lots of walks around our neighborhood with Bereket snuggled up next to me in our carrier. She loves exploring and was so interested in the goat market, the big trucks, the super market and all the people on the streets. I think she has her mommy's love of adventure and she will be the next great traveler in our family!

Bereket says, "Enough typing Mom, it is time to go!" She has no idea how many people are anxious to meet her once we get to Minnesota. In fact, we were just stopped by a viewer in the airport here in D.C. saying, "Is this the little girl we have heard about on KTTC?!" Yes, Bereket is almost home and then a whole new journey begins!

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