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Indian summer

With the warm weather soon to be gone, Lake Pepin was the perfect place to check out  where people were soaking up the beautiful days that are left.

The Sawyer residents says, "We're lucky to have this lake so you just want to take advantage of it every day you can."

Boats of every size where out on the waters of Lake Pepin.

Terry Becker has sailed since childhood and said, "I've always loved sailing being out on this beautiful lake and being back with me and nature."

Sailor's like Becker are taking advantage of what many call Indian Summer. It's a term used to describe this unusual burst of warm weather.

Becker said, "Minnesotans are just anxious to be out for a few more days before it permanently gets cold for the year."

Hundreds of boats are lodged at Lake City with only a week left in the water, and some are packing up awaiting next year's sail.

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