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A Thankful Heart

Addis Ababa Wednesday, October 5, 2011: Tonight will be our second night as a family and we are hoping it will be a little less eventful than our first! Our poor little girl has a stomach illness and was up about every hour from 9 p.m. till about 5 a.m.  She just wanted to be held (preferably standing up!). It was a long night for everyone, but through the whole thing I found myself amazed. I just stared at her perfect round face, at her beautiful dark eyes and lashes, and her awesome curly hair. Even when I woke up this morning snuggled up to her after just 2 hours of sleep, I was amazed by the little fingers wrapped around mine.  I know Jason feels equally blessed by this little girl. So, tonight it seems appropriate that my blog is all about 13 things we are thankful for. I chose the number 13 because 10 isn't nearly enough and there are 13 months in the Ethiopian calendar so that seems like a good number.

#1. We are so thankful for the wonderful friends and family following our journey to bring Bereket back home (and their prayers and excitement!). I am especially grateful for my friend Kathy who is posting all of these updates on www.KTTC.com/Ethiopia for me.
#2. We are so thankful for all of our friends in the adoption community who are so much wiser than we are!
#3. We are so thankful for all of the wonderful nannies and staff at Bereket's care center who took such good care of her. Their tears at her good-bye ceremony proved how much they love her.
#4. I am thankful for my amazing husband who has given his perspective on every blog I write.   
#5. We are loving all this Ethiopian sunshine!
#6. We are thankful for my dear friend Jolene who got up extra early to take us to MSP International last week and will be there again to pick the three of us up in just a few days!
#7. We are so excited to unite Bereket with her little cousins in Lanesboro who have been going crazy to meet her!
#8. We are so thankful for the beautiful going away ceremony for Bereket. I cried through the whole thing from when she got her hand print made to when we prayed for her with all of the people who have taken care of her for so long.
#9. We are so thankful for a successful appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa yesterday. America will welcome Bereket with open arms!
#10. We don't know how we will start our day without this amazing Ethiopian coffee! I just know it won't taste the same when I make it at home!
#11. We are so thrilled to score a bulk head seat with a bassinet for the long flight home! (I think it was because the Ethiopian Airlines agent's name was also Bereket!)
#12. I am thankful for the little balcony off our room where we sit with our little girl and enjoy a great view of Mount Entoto.
#13. I am thankful for the incredible women at our guest house who cook three wonderful meals a day for us and give us clean sheets and towels. What will we do without them when it is time to go home?

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