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She calls me "Nay Nay"

Addis Ababa, October 3, 2001: Tomorrow is "Gotcha Day." It is the day we will pick Bereket up at her care center and we'll never have to bring her back (except to visit when she is older!).   To prepare for this day, we were able to bring Bereket to our guest house this afternoon for some special time together. So far she is a momma's girl and always wants me somewhere in the room. If I go too far, I hear "Nay Nay" and her little arms reach out. It is wonderful! She knows who Daddy is, too, and her head always turns in his direction when I say his name. 

It was hard bringing Bereket back to the care center tonight. She was taken from my arms so quickly! I was soon cheered though by about 20 older children (ages 3-10) who suddenly rushed all around Jason and me. They gave us kisses and hugs and reached their arms up to be held. It was so beautiful. Jason and I hope that all of these precious children have an adoptive family waiting for them. If you have ever thought about adopting an older child, you will get so much love and affection!! There are so many children who are waiting.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, the staff at the care center will throw Bereket a colorful good-bye party. She will be presented to us in a cultural outfit and there will be a coffee ceremony and other wonderful traditions. It is at this ceremony that Jason and I will be able to pass out all the wonderful toys and clothing that my generous co-workers at KTTC sent with us. I wish everyone at home could see the children's faces when they get their new Hot Wheels cars and coloring books and the nannies' joy at all the cute clothing for the children.

After the ceremony, we will travel with Bereket to the U.S. Embassy for the appointment that will officially allow us to bring her home to the U.S.  October 4th, 2011: "Gotcha Day" will be a holiday in our household for the rest of our lives!

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