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Some P-E-M school buses fail inspection


PLAINVIEW, Minn. (KTTC) -- Inspectors have been at the Plainview Bus Company twice this week to inspect school buses used in the Plainview-Elgin-Millville school district.

It comes after a complaint by a concerned parent that resulted in 8 out of the 12 school buses  pulled from the fleet for a variety of reasons, including a fuel leak and a stop arm that wasn't working properly.

It's the way most children get to and from school, on their school bus.

Earlier this week the Haley-Vanschaick family, of Plainview, voiced their concerns to a division of the State Patrol that inspects buses. They said their two handicapped sons, who are in wheelchairs, have been riding on a bus for the last month without being properly strapped in.  After an inspection on Tuesday, the bus was tagged as unusable.

The family declined to comment on camera, but says,"If they would have slammed on the brakes the kids would have flown out the front window. they can't walk or talk, they are totally dependent upon an adult," stated the Haley-Vanschaick's.

In fact once word got out that there could be safety issues with these school buses, another concerned party took pictures of the state patrol inspecting the buses. After this second inspection of the buses from American Student Transportation of Plainview Bus Company

Seven out of the 11 remaining buses were also marked as unusable.

Some had sharp edges that could have cut kids, brake fluid leaks, and even worn down tires.

Inspectors said the bus company immediately fixed a majority of the problems.

At this time the Minnesota State Patrol said they have forwarded all the inspection information to the Wabasha County Attorney's Office and are asking that charges be pressed against the bus company. If problems persist the company will be issued citations.


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