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Packing Special Suitcases

Cake at Bereket's KTTC shower Cake at Bereket's KTTC shower
Opening gifts for Bereket’s care center Opening gifts for Bereket’s care center
Gifts for the care center Gifts for the care center
Gifts all packed for children in Ethiopia Gifts all packed for children in Ethiopia

September 21, 2011: Someone very dear to me once said, "Jessica, life is about waiting."

The words came at a time of anxiety for me, a time when I thought I could not wait a day longer to bring my daughter home from Ethiopia.

They were spoken in the matter-of-fact way that only comes with decades of life experience.

Over the many months of waiting for Bereket, those words about waiting rang through my mind just about every day. I reminded myself constantly that this was just a part of the journey. How crazy this week has been to have that excruciating wait very suddenly coming to an end!

We learned on Monday that Bereket's case had been cleared at the U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa. Tuesday, we got our travel dates and scurried to book a flight to Ethiopia for next week. Thank God for Elsa, our amazing travel agent who specializes in travel to Ethiopia! Without her help, booking that last minute flight would have been very challenging.

Now I am busy packing two very important suitcases.

The first, of course, is Bereket's!  Little outfits, diapers, toys, medicine, and lots of toddler snacks.. I am trying to think of everything she could possibly need once we take her into our care.

The second suitcase is very special. It is filled with wonderful donations from my co-workers for Bereket's care center. Jason and I were blessed with fantastic toys, clothing and diaper supplies at a shower my fellow KTTC'ers hosted for us last weekend. All of those gifts were for Bereket's little friends and nannies in Ethiopia. It was such a fantastic celebration! I feel so blessed to work with such amazing people!

Now... I suppose Jason and I need a suitcase, too!

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