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Our Vision - Quincy

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  • Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    Our Vision - Quincy Broadcasting

    When you clicked on "Our Vision," we bet you were expecting the equivalent of an engraved sign on the office wall with some lofty words that really don't connect with the real world our employees and interns navigate every day. Not so.More >>
  • Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    Our Vision - Quincy Interactive

    It's a funny thing about smart phones. Making calls is the last thing some people do with them. If you're as connected as we suspect, you're probably using your phone to check the local weather radar and the top news of the day, share comments and photos with friends on Facebook, make reservations for dinner, search for information or directions and maybe do a little shopping.More >>
  • Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

    Our Vision - Quincy Newspapers

    Quincy's Newspapers Division is the historical foundation on which our company is built. It's also on the leading edge of our future, as the Quincy Herald-Whig and the New Jersey Herald embrace new ways of delivering top quality local journalism, advertising and community involvement to our customers.More >>

A lot of company websites are digital monuments that simply weather over time. You see the same stock images and lofty language today that you saw a year ago. The same can be said of a lot of vision statements. At Quincy, we think there's a better way.

First off, we're a family-owned media company but our focus is not on the platforms -- the buildings, the towers and printing presses. Our focus is on people - those who create and deliver all kinds of news, information and advertising content- and those whose lives are improved by what they read, watch and hear, and by our involvement in our communities.

Another thing is true about Quincy. We're always hiring. And as part of attracting the best and brightest, we're launching a brand new internship program in 2012 that offers paid positions and real work experience. We call these positions Quinternships as a symbol of our company's commitment to a great program. Forget about running for coffee. Whether they're working in our largest television station or our smallest, our Quinterns get valuable work experience and contribute to what we do in real and significant ways. The benefit to us, of course, is that by investing in these interns we're developing people who could turn their Quinternships into employment and who could become tomorrow's leaders in our company.

Our corporate website is a marriage of these things; a place to recognize great people doing important work and a place to give prospective employees and Quinterns a realistic view of what it would be like to join our team. The slide shows at the top of the main pages recognize the accomplishments of people who work in our television stations and in our newspapers. The names, the photos and the stories are real. We'll be adding more slides with more real stories as new achievements happen. We like to recognize good work because it feels good and because it gives potential employees and interns a sense of what Quincy is really about. We're also publishing a continuous stream of information about what's happening across our group.

As you explore, you'll see some additional information that we think will be helpful. Under "Our Vision" on the broadcast, print and interactive pages, you'll see how each division articulates its vision and lives it on a daily basis.

"Related Links" and "Our Platforms" list a lot of the technologies and vendors we use every day. We're posting those so that a potential news employee can see that we use Avid's NewsCutter system to edit video. Someone interested in a career in interactive media can see that we use the WorldNow platform. And a multimedia journalist looking at a job at one of our newspapers can see that we use NewsEditPro as our newsroom software. The idea is that job and intern candidates can see what we use and highlight their experience with those tools. The more you know about us – and we know about you – the better the fit will be.

We've also included more contact information for our leadership teams than you might find on other sites because we think that's what potential employees and interns would want. Forget the phone maze and email that bounces around companies like ping pong balls. We want to make it easy for you to find the person you need and reach out. As a company, we're big enough to make great things happen but small enough to give people the personal attention they deserve.

We hope you like our new site. We consider it to be an ever-changing mirror for who we are and what we do. Enjoy the read and if you're looking for the next step in your career, feel free to reach out. We'd love to hear from you.

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