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Cally's cause helping families impacted by cancer


OSAGE, Iowa (KTTC)-- A generous act by an Osage high schooler has transformed into a project spreading throughout the country. It's called Cally's Cause... And it's helping family's impacted by cancer.


Cally Niess' mother Julie was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of 2009, and with the constant trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester she began to notice all the supplies that were needed to make things easier for her mother.

From there, the idea of the chemo bag was born.

Cally says "My goal is to get a bag to all the 50 states and so far I am at 8."

Bags of what only makes this goal far more impressive for a high schooler from Osage, Iowa who wanted to make things more convenient for her mother.

Cally says "Well, in March of 2009 my mother got sick with breast cancer. And since that, we were going up to Rochester to do her chemotherapy and everything like that. We sort of needed another bag to carry all of her things because we looked kind of silly up in Mayo with an ice cream pail when she got sick and everything. So I made a bag for my mom, and we just put all the little things that we needed, like q-tips, antibiotic ointment, her gauze pads for her surgeries and everything like that."

After her mother's chemo treatment she received calls about the bags and if she would make more. She has since made 80 bags. Cally's Cause was officially born and now her school is looking to help with a volleyball fundraiser.

"For the Cally's Cause game tomorrow we're selling t-shirts and each t-shirt costs 12-dollars. For each t-shirt, 5-dollars will be donated back to Cally's Cause. Lake Mills and Osage are playing and that's our biggest rival, so that should be a good turnout of people coming."

Now chances are we all know someone who has been stricken with cancer and we all wish we could do something to help. And in the case of Cally, she's doing something for the greater good.

"So, the negative part of cancer can come out positive if you want to make it that way. You can take a negative thing and help your community in whatever way, and then if you've helped yourself maybe you can help others and just a small little push of comfort towards someone."

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