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Soybeans in need of rain for strong yields


NEAR BYRON, Minn. (KTTC) -- A week ago the word was we are in a *critical two weeks* for the soybean crop. 

It's even drier now than it was then.

As of Sunday, only three hundredths of an inch of rain fell at the Rochester airport.

Another week of warm temperatures and little rain is not what farmers were hoping for.

Many say the soybeans could have used rain a week ago.

With a lack of moisture the beans are small and are hardly filling out the pods.

"The bottom pods are kind of drawing the moisture out and there will probably be no more bean or very little bean on the bottom part of the stock. Probably, the beans are going to be smaller this year," said Glenn Quam, a farmer near Byron.

Smaller beans will mean lower yields and for farmers that means they'll see less money in their pocket.

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