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Soybeans May Be In Trouble


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) --  Soybeans yield in the month of August, so if there was a time for an extended period of dry weather for the crop, now is not the time. We are starting to see the buds on the top of the soybean plant not produce a full pod of soybeans. This is a direct result of the recent lack of rainfall around the area. The soybean plants are using the resources that they have to produce full pods on the more mature pods that grew first on the bottom part of the plant.

"The very top of the plants will actually start to suffer and the bean can actually start to abort those top pods and not fill those top pods," says Lisa Behnken, Regional Extension Director.

Early Tuesday morning brought a line of strong storms and heavy rain to the area. This helped a bit, but to help the soybeans to produce full pods throughout the plant, we need to see a good soaking rain.

We got a heavy dose of rain around most places of the area last night, but in order for these pods to continue to fill up, we're going to need more of it over the next couple of weeks.

"We'll probably have about 2 weeks to maybe regain that. If we don't get a nice rainfall, maybe an inch of rain would be really nice, timely rain to help finish filling," Behnken said.

There is also another yearly threat for soybeans that could hinder the soybean yield--Aphids. Aphids are a small plant eating insects that latch onto the plant

While Aphids won't kill soybeans, they will suck protein from the plant, reducing yield by 20-bushels an acre.

Besides spraying for them with pesticides, farmers only saving grace is for mother nature to bring rain.

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