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Patriotic cookies and cupcakes


CANNON FALLS, Minn. (KTTC) -- While people waited for the President's arrival they also stopped in at some local shops. 

Typically, the Hi Quality Bakery Incorporated in downtown Cannon Falls is closed on Mondays, but it wasn't today.

The store's owner said people were already lining the streets in their lawns chairs at 5:30 AM Monday morning. Throughout the day a steady stream of people stopped in for a quick boost of energy as they waited for the President's arrival.

"Anything that would hold sprinkles we put red, white and blue sprinkles on and we did do some special cupcakes and cookies. We just want to show our support of the United States. My cookies say one nation working together and that's just our wish for everyone," explained Julie Disch, the bakery's owner.

Disch said she was surprised when she first heard Obama was making a stop in Cannon Falls, but was thankful for the great exposure it brought to the bakery and other stores.

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