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Anticipation draws crowds to see President Obama


CANNON FALLS, Minn. (KTTC) -- If you weren't one of the 500 people sitting in on the President's Town Hall, that didn't mean you had to miss out on the excitement. 

It was a sea of red, white and blue in Cannon Falls Monday, as people lined the main streets anxiously awaiting the President's arrival.

"The bus ride this president is embarking on is paid for by tax payers. He claims he is trying to bring jobs to the Midwest, but we've lost millions of jobs since he has been President. Our country is in the ditch and everything the President has touched it has been a complete disaster," said Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

"Chaos and that's what Obama wants, he is doing this on purpose, because he is a disciple of Solinsky,"stated Tom Koskovich, of Shakopee.

"Everything that was normal, main stream American values is no longer the direction he taking us, it's towards socialism," explained Wallace Berlin, of Frontenac.

Larry Mattson - Chairman of Rochester Tea Party Patriots

"We've gotta make some kind of major correction, because what we're doing is nibbling around the edge of a massive problem," said Larry Mattson, Chairman of Rochester's Tea Party Patriots.

While there were many protesters, there were also some supporters.

 "It doesn't matter who is in the position of presidency. The next president is going to inherit this, whoever he or she is, and they're going to have to continue marching to get out of the debt," stated Duane Hermanson, of Cannon Falls.

"I'm pro America! I believe in the country and that President Obama has been a good President for us. I'm a little ashamed at the way the Republican party has acted," exclaimed Mel Nix, of Austin, Texas.

"I want to thank him already for what he has done in the short time he has been in office," said Obama supporter, Betsy Senrick, of Shoreview.

"No matter how you feel about the president, he still needs your support regardless, still needs your prayers regardless. I think it's important to come together as a community and support and lift him up," stated Angela Rechtzigel, of Cannon Falls.

Following the Presidents town hall meeting, he hit the road again en route to Decorah, Iowa.

Every small community bordering highway 52 was lined with people waiting to see the motorcade pass by, for many a once in a lifetime experience.


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