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Miracle of birth at Olmsted County Fair

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC)-- There is nothing cuter than baby farm animals, and at the olmsted county fair, YOU have a chance to see them being born.

At the Miracle of Birthing center at the Olmsted County Fair 9 piglets and a baby calf born in the last 24 hours. This is the first year the Miracle of Birth Center is in Rochetser and it features live animals giving birth.

Everyone as the fair has the opportunity to come down and witness chicks hatch or see the cows and pigs give birth live. Volunteers are on hand to describe to attendees, what is actually going on.

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held around 12:30 Tuesday to officially open the fairs newest edition.

Volunteer Matt Walter says "A lot of the state of Minnesota is Disconnected from the Agricultural side of things and don't really realize how big a part of agricultural their life really is."

If you miss the animals being born live, you can like their face book page which is agstar miracle of birth center or go to their blog agstarmiracleofbirth.blogspot.com. At both of these places you can get updates on all of the action and see the actual video of the babies being born.


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