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Millville, Peterson post offices could be closing


PETERSON, Minn.(KTTC) Some smaller towns may soon find themselves without a post office.

The U.S. Post office is studying 3,700 retail offices nationwide to determine which ones they can close and the post offices in Peterson and Millville are on the chopping block.

"We really are frightened this will have a negative impact on the economy," says Gail Boyum, Peterson City Council Member.

With the possible closing of Post Offices in Peterson and Millville, town residents are none to happy.

"For people like me for people who don't have mail come directly to them. I depend on my post office," says 22 year Millville resident Sue Campana.

Campana is one many Millville residents that doesn't get direct mail.

She worries that moving the post office could chase away potential residents.

"You know not everybody can go to Rochester or Lake City of Plainview or Zumbro Falls to get their mail and if they take it away that's one less thing that's gonna make this town attractive," says Campana.

The U.S. Post Office through a press release said postal business done online, through smart phones and shopping centers has diminished the need for nearly 32 thousand post offices.

But for businesses in Peterson, the post office represents more than just mail.

"We right now have 63 box holders and they come daily and walk across the street and go to our restaurant or they go to the credit union," says Boyum.

Boyum says if those boxes disappear, the business may too, hurting more than 30 businesses in the community.

She says the U.S.P.S should look at merging bigger facilities because the cost savings of the rural post offices are minimal.

"They are telling us they will save $39,000 if they close our little post office and I don't think that's going to make much difference in their budget," says Boyum.

The people of Peterson already have a petition signed by 100 of it's 190 residents stating they want to keep the post office.

Plus, Boyum and the Peterson mayor are filling appeals with the Postal Regulatory Commission.

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